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A Baby´s Lack of Oxygen



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If your baby suffered a lack of oxygen to the brain during pregnancy or delivery it may have been a result of medical malpractice.

It may have been a result of the failure of the doctors, nurses or midwives to recognize a problem during pregnancy or during labor and delivery that caused the problem.

One of the first signs that your baby suffered a lack of oxygen to the brain is seizures. When you hear the word seizure, you think of a body shaking or convulsing uncontrollably.

In newborns or babies, seizures can look different.

A baby that is having a seizure may have a blank stare, or stop breathing. She may nod her head, blink her eyes very fast or lets out a a loud pitched cry. If you notice that your baby tightens her arms or a leg, or you see lip smacking, or shivering this could be a seizure.

If you notice these symptoms consult your doctor immediately. Then call the medical malpractice attorneys at Oresky & Associates, PLLC. to learn your rights, and seek the compensation that your child is entitled to.

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