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Top 10 Common Workplace Injuries



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Virtually any type of injury can occur in the workplace or while performing your job. However, certain injuries are more common than others. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following are the top 10 most common workplace injuries:

Top 10 Common Workplace Injuries
  • Sprains and strains led the most common workplace injury list by a wide margin, accounting for more than 1/3 of work related injuries, including workplace accidents involving strenuous work such as truck loading and heavy lifting.
  • Bruises and contusions (including being struck from falling debris or another type of accident at a construction site)
  • Cuts and lacerations (including cuts from saws, cutting instruments and lacerations from machinery with sharp parts)
  • Fractures and broken bones (including scaffold and ladder falls)
  • Multiple traumatic injuries (including injuries from falls or industrial and building accidents)
  • Heat burns (including burns from coming in contact with hot materials)
  • Chemical burns (including burns from acids in solvents, etc)
  • Amputations and severed limbs (including fingers and toes, feet and hands, and arms and legs)
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress injuries (including typing and other computer work)
  • Tendonitis

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