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18million for Worker Who Fell from a Scaffold at a Construction Site

Construction is dangerous, even in the construction of a high- rise luxury building, where corners may be cut at the expense of safety. A union carpenter was working as part of the crew constructing a building in New Rochelle, New York. The building was to be magnificent, however safety precautions were not followed to protect the workers. The walls for the foundation had been poured, and the 2nd floor was about 21 feet high.

Ladders were set up in the middle of the elevator shaft so workers could go from floor to floor. The main obstacle facing the injured plaintiff carpenter was that there was no floor between the elevator shaft and the area he had to work. In order to get from the ground level to the area on the 2nd floor where he had to be, the plaintiff had to climb the ladder on the side of the scaffold. The scaffolds were made out of metal bars and were difficult to climb.

He complained to his foreman that there were no ladders or lifelines that were set up for him. While he was climbing down the scaffold, it moved and he fell 15 feet. He was taken to the hospital, left leg fractured and casted, injuries to his neck, back and ribs. He had constant neck and back pain with loss of muscle strength in his arms. Pain injections and surgery helped, however, it did not take away his pain or restore the strength that he needed to go back to work in construction as a carpenter.

The defendant represented by its insurance companies’ lawyers mounted a strong defense in this case, first claiming that they were not responsible for the injured plaintiff’s accident, then hiring a team of experts, medical and vocational experts to claim that the former carpenter could go back to work as a locker room attendant in a gym. Lastly, the defendants hired detectives to follow the plaintiff and video tape him.

At the end of a lengthy trial the jury came back with substantial verdict in favor of the injured plaintiff in excess of $18 Million Dollars.

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